Dog Kennels

Lin Tara Sunset Kennel provides dog day care, dog boarding and dog kennel in Hillsboro OR to your doggie day care and pet sitter needs. Dog boarding kennels are nothing like our in home dog boarding services. For dog lovers in Hillsboro dog boarding now means alternative services that are truly cage free. As Hillsboro Oregon’s leading Dog Kennels and pet experts, we are confident that your dog will experience peace of mind whether it’s for veterinary services, dog grooming, training or staying in our dog kennel or if your pet just need a vacation. We have on-site dog training and grooming facility that will have your pet acting and looking great.

Dog Kennels in Hillsboro

Dog Kennels in HillsboroIt is our mission to offer the best of care for your special pet, and to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable home away from home! We are very proud to admit that most of our boarding clients think of our Kennel staff in Hillsboro OR as extended family, because we love each and every pet as if they were our very own.

Many dog kennels, especially large ones, put the dogs in indoor/outdoor runs. The dogs move inside and outside when a door is lifted. This makes dog care easy, but doesn’t do much from the interaction standpoint. Because we are a medium sized kennel, we are able to hand walk all the dogs from inside to outside and from their individual runs to the play yards. We see this time as an opportunity to spend a few minutes with each dog establishing a relationship. The same is true of time spent scooping and cleaning the play yards and individual runs. Even at these times, it’s possible to spend time talking to and petting the dogs.

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